The Bard's Song

You believe your world is old, but I say that it is new!
Your future is your past and your past is your future
The sky has opened like it has opened before
And soon your world may be no more.

5,000 years ago, or so you think A great Ball of fire fell from the sky
Destroying people, and lands.

5,000 years ago a hole opened and from this hole descended a beast
The greatest beast that has ever been seen.
She had five heads and five horns, and upon her horns five crowns, and her name is Blasphemy.
She sent her dragons and her abominations before her to herald her coming.
The people band together, they stood before her forces, but the blasphemy was too strong. She was could not be undone.
Then, in the final hours, when all was despair came heroes into the world.
The great Dwarf, The Half Elf, The uncorrupted Elf, the most courageous of halflings, and a human with the purest of hearts.
These heroes were well versed in the art of dragon slaying and they beat back the forces of the Blasphemy. They beat them out of Cridalon, they beat them out of The great dwarven city, they beat them all the way to edge of Pelor’s city, but they could not defeat the Abomination!
She had the power to corrupt their hearts, and just as she reached out to their minds Pelor came
Pelor came in light and fire, Pelor came with the sun sphere, Pelor came and there was a battle so great and terrible that no one could describe it. SO great that those who were in witness wept. So great that the sun itself went black and did not watch.
And when it was over the heroes were gone, but the beast was slain. It’s blood stained the mighty seat of Pelor, Pelor’s mighty sun spear was shattered and Pelor retreaded out of the land.
So we see the darkness again. It gathers, and we ready ourselves.



kinghob kinghob

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