The Story So Far

Our intrepid adventurers, after having been hired by the mysterious owner of the Goddess’ Fall Inn, were attempting to investigate a threat to the realms. The details provided were somewhat vague but all indications were that a cult of Takhisis worshipers were working to open a portal between the abyss and Toril. Unfortunately, their mission went heinously wrong when, during a battle with a group of Draconian and Elemental Cultists, some kind of magical explosion whisked them into a world completely unknown to them.

In this new world they were greeted by an odd old man who supplied them with some basic gear, some rings, and a very cryptic message about being late to the party. After delivering the message and providing useless answers to all lines of questions the old man sat staring at the sea while giggling and muttering to himself.

To their good fortune the gear provided to the party included a map which had the location of a fishing village marked on it. After making their way to the village the party joined forces with a local who was in possession of a similar set of rings and set off to ask questions of ‘The Wizard’. A mysterious hermit who lived in a tower north of the village.

The parties visit with The Wizard created even more questions. Leaving everyone more confused than before. The newest party member suggested that they head to the capital city of Imeq to meet with the Queen of Cridalon in search of aid in returning to their home. Most everyone agreed that it was their best hope of getting home.

Once the party arrived in the capital it came to light that the inhabitants of this world had been facing attacks by what they termed “Dragon Men.” The Queen of Cridalon entreated the party to investigate these happenings and to do whatever must be done to stop them. In return she offered to help them find a way home.

The party having been informed that the incursions all seemed to come from the direction of a place the locals referred to as the Corrupted Lands the party made ready an expedition. While the bulk of the party worked on gather supplies and gear Truth, the Bard, headed for the library in search of stories and histories. It was there that she discovered that the corrupted lands were the center of an event calls Sky Fall. She also found a reference to a familiar figure, a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Magic, Mystra.

Truth entreated the party to seek out Mystra’s temple before traveling to the Corrupted Lands in hopes that they may find a way to return home. The bulk of the party agreed and Ella (Gnome Eldritch Knight) was persuaded to agree.

The parties travels took them north and west along the southern side of a massive mountain range. A party of Orcs shadowed the parties trail for a time before coming forward to challenge Kheregrel (Half-Orc Barbarian) to single combat for leadership of the party. Kheregrel bested the Orc Warchief winning his great-axe and more.


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